vertical garment steamer IRONMAX

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vertical garment steamer IRONMAX

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  • 2011-10-01
  • 2011-10-08
  • CB, CE
  • 1700
  • 220
  • 300 Piece(s)
  • FOB
  • 70-80   USD /Piece(s)
  • L/C, T/T
  • 5000 Piece(s) Per Month
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  •  82-1085673979
  •  71-1, Wolchon-ri, Buk-myeon, Uichang-gu ,Gyeongsangnam-do

Brief Description

You can tightly spread all the sizes of tops and bottoms.

* Except Baby and Child size under the age of 5, and Big sizes

Product Attributes

Related attributes of vertical garment steamer IRONMAX:
  • Certification:CB, CE
  • Power (W):1700
  • Voltage (V):220
  • Place of Origin:Gyeongsangnam-do South Korea
  • Brand Name:IRONMAX
  • Model Number:max-3000

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to vertical garment steamer IRONMAX:

Our company is YEWON TECH that manufactures innovative house wares for everyday life with a belief that "Everything you imagine is realised".

Our company progresses day by day in order to become a new company that creates convenient and excellent products to every corners of our lives through the change of conception, which have been overlooked by people.

Despite of its short history, YEWON TECH has successfully carried out 3 national R&D projects, and now make every efforts to increase the sales of the commercialized items.


In case of the current steam iron of stand type that people iron the clothes that are hung vertically, the equipment to hang the clothes is nothing but a traditional type of hanger. Because of this, clothes flutter in gravity condition, and customers inevitably had to endure inconveniences of ironing by pulling various parts of clothes one by one with one hand as ironing is well done under the condition of tight tension of clothes because of the nature of ironing.

In order to improve such inconveniences

This steam iron of stand type is designed for users to easily iron clothes with one hand free and with clothes in tightly stretched out condition by attaching a supplementary equipment to the main supporter which plays a role to stretch out the clothes from inside toward the outside direction if you put your clothes on the equipment and then spread it to fit the width of the clothes. 


 You can tightly spread all the sizes of tops and bottoms.

* Except Baby and Child size under the age of 5, and Big sizes

 Integral Steam Head attached with pressurizing gun that makes the forming

of straight and stylish angled-crease.

 Function of 360-degree revolution (Customers can revolve the hanger to

the front side of them when they iron the back side of clothes.)

 Height Adjust Function to fit the height of the user.

 Attach/Detach Function of small ironing board.

 Triple aluminum plate-structured integral steam head dispensing with attachable/detechable

corrugated forming device

- First surface and second surface facing each other to be used for forming wrinkles,

while third surface to be used for smoothing out wrinkles

 The steam head itself is conveniently provided with an ON/OFF power device.

 Depression of button enables adjustment of amount of steam as additional function to power switch

- Digital display device is formed on the body to check the amount of steam.

 Overthrow-preventable‘slide guide’is formed at bottom of body to avoid body trembling in use.


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