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propane spherical tank for storing

Model Number: HT-spherical tank

Min. Order: 1 Piece(s)

Intro: We can design and manufacture spherical tanks, for storing many kinds of liquefied gas and chemical liquid;  Volume varies from 200 to 10,000m3;

165 BBL Tri-Axel Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer For Sale

Model Number: 165 BBL Tri-Axel Aluminum Vacuum Trailer

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Western 165 BBL Tri-Axel Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer


Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Propane is a three-carbon alkane, normally a gas, but compressible to a transportable liquid. It is derived from other petroleum products during oil or natural gas processing. It is commonly used as a fuel for engines, oxy-gas torches, barbecues, por

DLG2600-50 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG2600-50

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG2600-50LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensions9912*2600*16VersionMagneticNetweight(KG)11775Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5-8

LPG Multivalve Unit for Cylinder Tank (ECE-R 67.01)

Model Number: A3000U

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: This multivalve is for Cylinder Tanks. It delivers safely the LPG in the tank to the pressure reducer on the engine.

kitchen coutertop ,gas burner ,propane tank and char...

Brand Name: coopway

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: product description
model number :720-0718
quick spec: charcoal grill 3B+SB gas grill
total BTU : 48,000BTU
firebox size : gas grill: 25 " *17.5", charcoat : 18.5" *17.5"
cooking grid material : hi-gross black procelain

Propane cylinders

Pressure: High

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: We can supply you all kinds of Heptafluoro propane cylinder,Capacity:20L-180L,etc.Gas Filling:20kg,50kg.100kg,200kg.400kg,etc.Type:DN400.DN600.DN800,etcIf you need it,please feel free to contact us.

Mosquito Trap Propane Tank Cover

Brand Name: Lentek

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Mosquito Trap Propane Tank Cover is available separately to enhance the durability and looks of your trap.

Tank Top Propane Gas Heater 1500 Btu

Model Number: TT15000

Min. Order: 20 Piece(s)

Intro: Infrared Tank Top Propane heaters provide reliability and high performance with an affordable source of heat for outdooor life.

DLG3000-80 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG3000-80

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG3000-80LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensions11866*3000*18VersionMagneticNetweight(KG)18000Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5-

DLG2400-32 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG2400-32

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG2400-32LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensionsVersionMagneticNetweight(KG)7425Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5-80Designingtem

DLG3200-100 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG3200-100

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG3200-100LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensions11300*3200*20VersionMagneticNetweight(KG)23000Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5

DLG2420-50 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG2420-50

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG2420-50LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensions11306*2420*14VersionMagneticNetweight(KG)11775Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5-

DLG2000-20 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG2000-20

Min. Order: 1

Intro: TankModelDLG2000-20LiquidIndicatorModelUQZ-2.5POveralldimensions6775*2000*12VersionMagneticNetweight(KG)4965Nominalpressure2.5MpaVesseltypeIIIScopeoftesting50-2300mmDesigningpressure1.77MpaPrecision2.5Workingpressure1.61MpaSafetyValveModelA42F-2.5-80

DLG3000-80 LPG storage tank(Propane)

Model Number: DLG3000-80

Min. Order: 1

Intro: 1,Beautiful shape.

2,Good Technology.

3,Good after-sales service.

LPG/CNG Disposable Filter Unit

Min. Order: 200 Piece(s)

Intro: Disposable dry gas filter set with paper or polyester or fiber glass filter cartridge. Class 2. Work temp. between -40 and +120

LPG/CNG Filter Unit (Plastic)

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: It is installed between a reducer and an injection rail. Hose connector is 10mm (diam.)

CNG Steel Pipe

Place of Origin: Italy

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Seamless carbon steel pipe zinc plated with light blue pvc covering - Dia.6x1 mm.,in 6m. rolls, approved by ECE-R110 & ISO 15500

LPG Multivalve (ECE-R 67.00 - A type)

Model Number: A3001U-A

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: These kinds of LPG multivalves are homologated in accordance with the old European Regulation ECE-R 67.00

LPG Solenoid Valve

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Shut-off solenoid valve 12V, with filter, female threads M10x1, Max. working pressure 30 bar

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