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Carpet Shampoo

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Easy cleaning and effective for upholstery and larger area of carpets

Daisy fresh organic house hold cleaners

Min. Order: 500 Piece(s)

Intro: Daisy fresh organic vegatable based cleaning agents include a Bath & Kitchen, Hardwood floor and Window & Glass cleaner.


Min. Order: Bulk


18 Liter

60 min timer

100C-250C temperature selector

Stainless steel heating ele

Brillant dishwashers

Brand Name: Brillant

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Brillant dishwashers

hms scrap

Min. Order: 1000 Ton



ModelNumber: MODEL S-52

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Unit is constructed for daily cleaning chores in plants of all catagories.


Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: we are Badr International Trade Point a sub sector of Ministry Of Trade & Industry In Egypt. we have the pleasure to make promo

Whole House Air Cleaners

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Whole House Air Cleaners

installed the first whole house HEPA air cleaning system in 1985 and it's still in use today.

Aprilaire Whole - House Media Air Cleaners

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: The best choice for allergy sufferers, Aprilaire 2200, 2250, and 2400 Whole-House Media Air Cleaners

JL-X206 Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless

Min. Order: 6624 Piece(s)

Intro: Mini Vacuum Cleaner Features:
1) Small capacity with big suction power
2) Various suction attachments:floor brush,small brush for computer cleaning
3) Unique multifunctional suction opening design
4) Elegant and bionic design
5) Less noise when in us

heavy duty wet and dry house vacuum cleaner

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: The stainless steel 20L high quality heavy duty wet and dryhouse vacuum cleaneris strong and durable,with a powerful lower-noise motor.The vacuum cleaner has a specialy strong suction.New-style large wheel plate.It is stable and good-looking.A comple

house hold robot vacuum cleaner

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless

Min. Order: 100 Set(s)

Intro: 1.Robot vacuum cleaner

2.Min body design enable it work more effectively

3.Low noise , less than 50DB

4.Sterilizing UV lights

General Purpose Liquid Hand Soap

Form: Liquid

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Contains skin care components.

Rubber Floor Cleaner

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Remove shoe polish stains, heavy soil and oil from your prestige floors,

Machine Dish Washing Liquid

Shape: Liquid

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Quick, and faster cleaning, High concentration, so low dosage used.

Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Efficient, quick acting spot remover, Removes stubborn and heavy soiling Suitable for all types of Toilet Bowls.

Lime Scale Remover

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Strong formula on lime scales

Quick acting

Guaranteed satisfaction

Maan Dish Washing Liquid

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Maan is a powerful liquid against grease. Suitable for heavy oily utensil/dishes.

Carpet Spot Remover

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Does not harm the original colour of your precious carpet.

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