cowhide and sheepskin processing service

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cowhide and sheepskin processing service

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Curtiembre Paris S.A. Uruguay Curtiembre Paris S.A.

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Our tannery has a total area of 28,000 meters, 20,000 of which are buildings housing the factory.

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Detailed introduction to cowhide and sheepskin processing service:

Our tannery has a total area of 28,000 meters, 20,000 of which are buildings housing the factory.
It should also be added that it has a staff of 220 employees, 80% of which are highly qualified workers, skilled in cowhide and sheepskin tanning. It is for those reasons added to its size, production and constant technologic development, as well as due to the fact that it employs first quality cowhides and sheepskins that we can sustain Curtiembre Paris S.A. it is the leading cowhide and sheepskin tannery in the country

We shall begin by a brief historical review with respect to the use of leather.
We might say that the use of leather starts concomitantly with the appearance of man in our planet.
Primitive man used the skins of the animals he hunted to protect himself from the bitterness of weather. He instinctively placed the skins on a bed consisting in the bark and leaves of a certain tree which, however, contained a high percentage of tannic substances that brought about the transformation of the skin [putrescible] into hides [imputrescible].
As centuries went by this system gradually improved thanks research and new technologies until it became an important industry which at present produces various type of leather articles for massive consumption.
It is in the year 1998 that Curtiembre Paris S.A. makes a start in the field of tanning cowhides, fundamentally mastering on the production of finished leather for garments and leather goods. Our plant employs national raw material in the state known as "fresh" - that is to say, immediately after the animal is slaughtered - supplied by abattoirs located in the nearby area. This is followed by a series of physical and chemical operations until its final transformation into leather. Its total production is sold in the international market [U.S.A., Canada, Asia, Europe, etc.]. Articles and colors produced by Curtiembre Paris are directly supplied to the fashion world to be employed in autumn, winter, spring and summer wear, while factories abroad produce the models presented in sundry collections, using for material the leather from us.

The cutting room has more than 30 qualified employees, with a total production of over 400 pieces a day. Seweing is done on production lines, to ensure each piece looks identical to another. Great care is taken on each piece in order to produce quality goods.

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