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Cement Tube Pipe Machinery

Min. Order: 1 Unit(s)

Intro: Concrete tube forming machine
1.Revolve steady
2.durable and low failure rate
3.easy to operate,maitain,repair

Vertical Cement Tube Making Machine

Min. Order: 1 Unit(s)

Intro: advantages of domestic and foreign similar equipement ,

Hot for Cement Drain Pipe Machine in China

Min. Order: 1 Unit(s)

Intro: Specifications1.LY-V High Quality Cement Pipe Machine
2.Suitable design
3.Enough power to making pipe
4.Easy to operate

Concrete Cement Pipe Machine

Min. Order: 1 Unit(s)

Intro: With easy installation,smooth running ,durable charateristics,For concrete and reinforced concrete and reinforced concret pipes molding production.

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