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C-MARK MR2650 audio power amplifier(1200W)

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Specifications4Ω Stereo Power: 1200W
  8Ω Stereo Power: 650W
  Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  S/N Ratio (A Weighted): -103dB

Power amplifier

Frequency Range (Hz): 50~250Hz

Min. Order: 10 Piece(s)

Intro: Power amplifier

Multi-way protection circuit

Input sensitivity: adjustable 150mV-6V

Frequency Response: 15Hz to 150Hz

TLL-015 usb mini Speaker, mp3 Mini Speakers, mini di...

Min. Order: 100 Piece(s)

Intro: Built-in digital audio decoding, beautiful pure sound, audio narration, PC, MP3, MP4, mobile phone the best of a brand new mini - speakers

High Power Amplifier Ma713/Professional Audio

Min. Order: 1 Piece(s)

Intro: HI - power  professional amplifier

DA series power amplifier

Model Number: DA-1500

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: DA-1500 amplifier


China (Mainland)

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audio power amplifier TF series capacitor

Model Number: TFR221M2CKDBR

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: audio power amplifier TF series capacitor, high ripple capacitor, shenzhen JAMICON TF capacitance supply

(IC)Audio Power Amplifier  Circuits

Type: IC

Min. Order: 1000 Piece(s)

Intro: can be found almost everywhere, including Electronic doorbell, small black and white TV set, small portable radio, cassete type car audio,DVD,etc

Popular Power Amplifier

Model Number: XLS802

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Efficient digital Amplifier, Powerful digital Amplifier, Professional audio,  Pro amp, Sound amplifier

audio power amplifier 4 channel LAB amp

Model Number: PS-4130

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: 1.4 channel switching power amp
3.professional power amplifier with good quality

Audio power amplifier board

Dissipation Power: 50-100W

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Audio power amplifier board, proofing, production. Orders, orders! 2.1, 2, 5.1, 3.1. Active multimedia box. Audio power amplifier circuit

Power Amplifier QSC RMX2450 Manufacturer

Model Number: RMX2450

Min. Order: 1 Piece(s)

Intro: 1. Power Amplifier QSC RMX2450
2.Beautiful shape,solid structure
3.Perfect protection circuit
4.1:1, good feedback

1000W Two channel Professional Power amplifier-AX-2100

Model Number: AX-2100

Min. Order: 5 Piece(s)

Intro: It adopts high integrated circuit parallel design, greatly reduces the failure rate

Audio power amplifier PA300/PA1300

Model Number: PA300/PA1300

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Amplifier

DMJ DJ-3000Integrated amplifier

Model Number: DJ-3000

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Output power (mode 1) : 350 W x 2 + 350 W x 2  
Output power (mode 2) : 600 W + 600 W  
Output power (mode 3) : 350 W x 2 + 900 W (S.W OOF)

240W 10'' woofer Professional Power Amplifie...

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: 240W 10'' woofer Professional Power Amplifier, Audio Line Input with record function


Model: AK10-808
Power supply :AC160-

LCD Professional Amplifier G Series

Model Number: G1100

Min. Order: 1 Piece(s)

1. Modern LCD Screen
2. The LCD Screen can display the input level, let users know more about the signal status.

8 Channel +48V Phantom Power PV8 Mixer

Model Number: PV8

Min. Order: 20 Unit(s)

Intro: 8 Channel +48V Phantom Power PV8 Mixer

Distributor audio RAE228

Model Number: RAE228

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Distributor audio RAE228

Power amplifier W1000

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Power amplifier MA7802Output power 8ohm : 1400W4ohm : 2200Wbridge 8ohm : 4200WIuput sensitivity impedance: 20kohm(balanced) / 10k(unbalanced)Frequency response : 20- 20KHz (+0, _0.5dB )Slew Rate : 20V/usDmping factor : > 200 ( @1KHz/8ohm)Crosstalk

Supply SONY audio dedicated inductance 1-482-160-21 ...

Model Number: HPFS2023B-200M

Min. Order: 1000 Piece(s)

Suitable as choke for digital amp,Car audio,LCD and PDP TV,5.1ch Home theater tec.

Jason Tian 

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