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YANMAR 6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220 genuine or OEM

No. TEN7090316
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YANMAR 6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220 genuine or OEM

  • 2012-05-18
  • 2012-06-17
  • 6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220
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Qinhuangdao BF Marine Parts&Machinery Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd China (Mainland)

  •  Mr. Li
  •  86-335-3211697
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  •  11th floor Jinyuan International Business Building HaiGang district ,Hebei

Brief Description

YANMAR Marine Main engine and generator set

Product Attributes

Related attributes of YANMAR 6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220 genuine or OEM:
  • Brand Name:YANMAR
  • Model Number:6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to YANMAR 6N260L,HAL2,5KDL,6KDL,6KFL-UT,HAE,NHL,4ML,12ZL,12T26L,M220 genuine or OEM:


Qinhuangdao BF Marine Parts&Machinery Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd was found on June 1990.It's the largest shipbuilding equipment and spare parts supply company.Through 25 years select and investigate, now more then 900 qualified manufacturers become our suppliers.We supply Chinese products in the super quality and best price for 20 country Shipowners in the worldwide. What's more, we've supplied the whole set of components for Diesel industries installation in China, Korea and Poland. 

 YANMAR Marine Main engine and generator set

Main products:

Cyl cover, Piston,Nozzle,Needle valve,Gear,Comshaft,Plunger,Conn rod,Cyl liner,Main bearing,Thrust bearing,Thrust bearing,X-head bearing,Conn rod bearing,Piston pin,Piston pin bush,Piston ring, Suc&Exh valve,Exh valve case,Suc&Exh valve guide, Suc & Exh valve seat,Delivery valve,Rocker arm,Rocker arm seat,rocker arm bush,Rocker arm shaft,Water pump,Indicator valve,Fuel pump,Fuel pipe, Conn rod bold&nut, LO pump, O-RING,Rubber ring,Gasket,Oil seal,Packing,Starting valve,Governor,Tachometer,Filter insert,Expansion joint,Generator bearing,Old crankshaft,etc

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