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Speedflow Standard water heater(SF10L / SF15L)

No. TEN8626891
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Speedflow Standard water heater(SF10L / SF15L)

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  • 2011-05-01
  • 2011-05-31
  • Pressurized
  • Wall Mounted
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Hyco Manufacturing Ltd United Kingdom Hyco Manufacturing Ltd

  •  Mr. Wilkinson
  •  44-01977-517555
  •  44-01977-517666
  •  Hyco Manufacturing Ltd, California Drive ,West Yorkshire
  •  http://www.hyco.co.uk

Brief Description

Multiple sink capability ideal for small commercial applications.

euro 98, euro 113

Product Attributes

Related attributes of Speedflow Standard water heater(SF10L / SF15L):
  • Pressure:Pressurized
  • Installation:Wall Mounted

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to Speedflow Standard water heater(SF10L / SF15L):
Features:" choice of 10 or 15L capacities " 2.0kW element for rapid heat up " external temperature control " neon element-on indicator " glass lined vessel with magnesium anode " manually re-settable thermal cut-out " wall mounting or floor standing option " pressure relief valve included " 10L suitable for 1 to 2 sinks, 15L suitable for 2 to 3 sinks depending on simultaneous usage " mains pressure (unvented) unit - maximum working pressure 6 bar " maximum working temperature 75 degrees centigrade

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