Sekonic L-758DR

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Sekonic L-758DR

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  • 2010-07-08
  • 2011-04-04
  • Sekonic
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Sekonic L-758DR

Product Attributes

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  • Brand Name:Sekonic
  • Model Number:343

Detailed Description

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Sekonic L-758D light meter have been designed to offer the greatest digital exposure control, accuracy and repeatability. The L–758 series are the world's first multi-function light meter that can be calibrated to match the sensitivity of a digital cameras sensor at all ISO settings, flash/ambient or file format characteristics. In
addition, the camera sensor's dynamic range can also be set and stored for later recall and display.
Using the USB transfer cable and Sekonic Data Transfer Software, all camera exposure profile data
is uploaded from a PC or computer to the L-758 series. Up to three different camera exposure
profiles can be stored and quickly recalled when switch from one camera to another. With its
exposure latitude warning indicators and adjustable Mid-Tone settings, the L-758 series puts the
power of optimum image tonality and exposure control in the palm of your hands.
The L-758DR also includes a PocketWizard wireless triggering radio transmitter built inside
(optional for L-758D/758CINE), which is easier and more convenient to use. Similar to the popular
Dualmaster L-558 series, the L-758 series offers features such as flash analyzing, spot/incident
measuring modes, calibration and exposure compensation, Selective Quad Triggering and
measuring, Custom Settings and much more. Created for digital photography, the L-758 series are
the ultimate digital and film exposure control light meters.

*L-758DR---Radio triggering module built-in for all over the world (US/Canada and CE frequency)
*L-758D---Without Radio triggering module version only for CE frequency and Japan
*L-758CINE---Additional CINE feature without radio triggering module for all over the world


1) Digital Camera Exposure Profiling
Up to three digital camera exposure profiles can be stored and recalled. Setting the L-758 series
to perfectly match specific digital cameras sensitivity is quickly done by selecting one of the
camera memory modes (camera 1, camera 2 or camera 3).
2) Exposure Latitude Warning
Once the L-758 series is programmed for a camera exposure profile,
it will display the exposure range (Dynamic range and Clipping
point) for that camera. Warning indicators will flash on the analog
scale if a measured Highlight or Shadow has exceeded the dynamic
range or clipping point of that particular camera.
3) Sekonic Data Transfer Software
Compatible with both Windows and MAC computers, Sekonic's Data
Transfer Software automatically calculates the entered test data
from your digital camera and creates a compensation data table. The
data table is uploaded to the L-758 series via the provided USB
transfer cable and the L-758 series is automatically calibrated for the
specific digital camera sensor and camera settings.

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