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  • 2011-08-31
  • 2012-02-27
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
  • Biofeedback
  • Braintech
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Brainpower - Neuro21 South Korea

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  •  82-10-22006781
  •  1424-28 sindorim-5dong, gwanak-ku ,Seoul

Brief Description

Your neural network can be activated and reinforced by training your brain for 20 minutes a day

Product Attributes

Related attributes of Neuroharmony:
  • Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
  • Type:Biofeedback
  • Brand Name:Braintech
  • Model Number:Neuro-M
  • Model Number:Neuroharmony-M
  • Place Of Origin:South Korea
  • headband:usb cable
  • control box:soft case
  • black:program cd

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to Neuroharmony:


NeuroHarmony is an instrument that is designed and manufactured on the basis of brain wave monitoring and neurofeedback technology. And it is a cuttingedge device that analyzes the state of one's brain and enhances its ability by means of a variety of programs.


NeuroHarmony is a cuttingedge device monitoring and analyzing brainwaves in order to enhance brain functions by means of broadband brainwave control, specific localband brainwave control and automatic threshold control where necessary brainwaves are activated for optimal state of the brain.


NeuroHarmony creates optimal condition of the emotion by balancing the arousal level at a given moment whether it was underaroused or overaroused.


NeuroHarmony can help you attain desired mental state through relaxation, attention, or concentration training.


Neurofeedback is a therapy technique that presents the user with realtime feedback on activity, as measured by sensors on the , typically in the form of a , sound or vibration. The aim is to enable conscious control of brainwave activity. If changes in the direction desired by the therapist, a positive "reward" feedback is given to the individual, and if it regresses, either a negative feedback or no feedback is given (depending on the protocol). Rewards can be as simple as a change in pitch of a tone or as complex as a certain type of movement of a character in a video game. This experience could be called for internal states.


Children with Learning Disability caused by lack of attention, such as ADD or ADHD, can be helped with this technology. Thirty-five percent of the grade school children in America are suffering from learning disability to varying degrees, mild to severe. Most of them can be helped by means of neurofeedback whether their difficulties are caused by attention deficit or concentration deficit.

Many scientists have used this technology in training children troubled by learning disability : Professor Joel Rubar from University of Tennessee; Vincent Monastra from Endicott, NY; Michael Thomson, Director of ADD Center, Toronto, Canada; Bob DeBoer, Founder of New Vision School of Chicgo; Professor Adrain Raine, University of Southern California.

IQ's can be increased up to 23 by means of neurofeedback technology : 10~15 increase by Professor Joel Rubar; up to 23 by Siegfried Othmer and Clofford Marks for children suffering from ADHD;

 By means of NeuroHarmony, IQ's were increased by 10 or higher for chidren aged 5~7 within three months by Dr. Siegmried Othmer, Dr. Clifford Marks, and many other scientists.


Enhancing concentration ability of the students in Korea :

- Professor Hyun-Taek Kim et al, Koryo University, succeeded in enhancing the students' concentration, decision making and resilience.

- Professor Gi-Nam Chang, Seoul National University, succeeded in improving students' learning ability.

Peak Performance for sportsmen, artists, CEO's :

- Professor Rae Tattenbaum of Hart School, West Hartford, Connecticut succeeded in enhancing performance of sportsmen, photographers, actors/actresses, speed skaters, gymnasts, opera singers, etc.

- Professor Vietta Sue Wilson, Dept. of Physical Education, York University, Toronto, Canada, was successful in enhancing performance of archery, basketball, athletics by relieving their anxiety and strain.

- Neurotherapist Bill Scott of EEG Spectum helped Ed Galvan, a progolfer decrease his scores.

- Dr. Sterman successfully helped fighter pilots in increasing their concentration ability.


NeroHarmony was successfully used in increasing IQ by 10 in three months : Professor Jin-Gu Kim et al of Gyungbuk University used NeuroHarmony in training children of ages between 5 ~ 7 and succeeded in increasing their IQ's by training for 15 minutes, three times a week for three months.

Enhancing sports performance by means of NeuroHarmony :

- Professor Chung-Hee Jung et al of Seoul National University succeeded in improving performance of the tennis players. (Published in the Journal of International Society of Sport Psychology)

- Professor Jin-Gu Kim et al of Gyung-Buk University proved the fact that performance can be enhanced in golf  and the improvement can be sustained. (Published in the Journal of International Society of Sport Psychology and  in the Journal of American Association of Athletic Sport Psychology)

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