FM-2G Omnidirectional FM Antennas

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FM-2G Omnidirectional FM Antennas

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Fanfare Electronics, Inc. United States Fanfare Electronics, Inc.

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Brief Description

The Fanfare FM-2G offers the perfect solution to most urban and fringe, FM reception problems.

Product Attributes

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Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to FM-2G Omnidirectional FM Antennas:

The Fanfare FM-2G offers the perfect solution to most urban and fringe, FM reception problems. It is light, compact and easy to install. Yet its receptive capabilities are much more powerful than its physical size implies. Placed in a reasonably unobstructed position on a roof, on a balcony, in an attic or even in a window, hanging from a drapery track, the FM-2G can provide excellent FM reception over reasonably flat terrain of up to 50 miles. How the FM-2G accom- plishes this is through its unique 1/2 wave design. Basically, the FM-2G is an end-fed dipole which by definition has 0dB gain. But, because the antenna's receptive capabilities have been focused on the horiz- ontal plane, as opposed to all directions, the antenna is able to concentrate more on signals arriving at its sides. This concentration translates into more signal for your FM tuner which ultimately results in a cleaner, quieter, more reliable audio output.. Particularly important to urban reception situations is the ability of an antenna to deal with multipathed (reflected from other surfaces) signals. The FM-2G is vertically polarized thereby rendering it less susceptible to the more common, horizontally- polarized, multipath interference. In order to ensure its physical reliability, the FM-2G is built to commercial standards. Its stainless steel encased loading coil is hermetically sealed to ensure that it will maintain its tuned accuracy. The whip receptacle is plated in nickel to provide long-lasting protection and conductivity. The FM-2G's whip is manufactured of tough, PH7-7 stainless steel which is tapered to allow maximum flex strength in all temperatures and in all kinds of wind or weather. And, it is capped with a real, alloy static ball for maximum static (noise) discharge.

Finally, while the FM-2G performs better overall than other, similar designs, it's construction and method of coupling are truly superior. First it is much lighter, offering less windage therefore rendering it less susceptible to damage in high winds. And, due to its unique method of coupling, it is capable of maintaining both tune and conductivity over a wider range of weather and climate anomolies, including salt water environments. Installation is fast and easy on any vertical surface using the stainless steel 'L' bracket included. While placement is important for best reception, instructions included with the FM-2G spell out in clear, uncomplicated terms how to install the unit effectively.

Attention Apartment and Condo Dwellers
Not only is the FM-2G remarkably efficient, it is quite unobtrusive. Mounted inside a second floor balcony it can hardly be seen.
The FM-2G as a Mobile Antenna (MPV, boat, RV, truck, tree)

The FM-2G's 1/2 wave design provides a very important performance characteristic. Unlike the typical car antenna where the metal fender acts as a 'ground plane', the FM-2G does not need anything more than itself to work effectively anywhere, and on anything. It can even be held in your hand or hung from a tree.

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