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  • 2011-09-26
  • 2011-10-26
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Brief Description

This control panel is designed for the arrangement of centralized and autonomous protection

Product Attributes

The product attributes of FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL has not been provided.

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL:

This control panel  is designed for the arrangement of centralized and autonomous protection of various objects against fire by the 24-hours control of the status up to 4 fire alarm loops.

The control panel  conforms to all the norms of DSTU EN54-2:2003 and DBN V 2.5-13-98.

The control panel  controls and reflects with optical indicators alarm statuses (alarm loops): the standby mode, the verification of an alarm loop (if AL is with verification), “Fire”, “Short-circuit”, “Open-circuit”, “AL switched-off”.

The device controls and reflects with optical indictors the following kinds of faults and statuses:

  • The short-circuit of output switches;
  • The open-circuit of output switches’ loads “Light/Sound”, “Fire” and “Fault”;
  • The absence of power voltage of output switches and AL;
  • The absence of A.C. mains 220 V;
  • The critical discharge or the absence of a storage battery;
  • The fault of a charger;
  • A system error.
  • The protection against an unsanctioned access inside a case is provided in the device (opening or breaking of the cover). When opening the cover, a tamper button activates and the device passes to the “Alarm” mode.

    The device is meant for the connection of 2- and 4-wire alarm loops. The connection both active and passive detectors is possible as well as the combined connection of detectors.

    The device provides:

  • Automatic charging of a storage battery and the protection against its improper connection;
  • Protection of all the output switches against the short-circuit with automatic restoration of the initial status after the elimination of the short-circuit;
  • Multilevel access to management functions.
  • With the help of a built-in keyboard it is possible to programme the following parameters and functions:

  • The survey and determination the type of alarm loop zone (with/without verification);
  • Fixation of the basic current of AL;
  • Setting of consumer rights for the management of AL;
  • Change of consumers’ and an engineer’s passwords;
  • Setting of an operational mode of a light-sound detector;
  • Setting of activation time of a light-sound detector;
  • Setting of a mode and programming of operation logics of additional output switches;
  • Reset to factory settings.

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