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Bio Enzyme Plus - Natural Health Drink

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Bio Enzyme Plus - Natural Health Drink

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  • 2011-06-15
  • 2011-07-15
  • Beverage
  • Philippines
  • Bio Enzyme Plus
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Bio Enzyme Philippines Bio Enzyme

  •  Mr. Lopez
  •  63-927-3870599
  •  4 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights ,Manila

Brief Description

BIO ENZYME Plus is 100% pure fruit juice extracted fruits and vegetables. For details check us at www(dot)bioenzyme(dot)tk

Product Attributes

Related attributes of Bio Enzyme Plus - Natural Health Drink:
  • Product Type:Beverage
  • Place of Origin:Philippines
  • Brand Name:Bio Enzyme Plus
  • Function:Nourishing The Stomach & The liver

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to Bio Enzyme Plus - Natural Health Drink:
Bio Enzyme Plus

For details  check us at www(dot)bioenzyme(dot)tk

BIO ENZYME Plusis 100% pure fruit juice extracted from apple, guava, grapes, papaya,pineapple, and sugar cane. Sugar contents of sugar cane have beenconverted and hydrolized to fructose and glucose. It contains severalENZYMES which are natural substances that act as workers, making thevitamins and minerals readily digested, absorbed and utilized by thebody. BIO ENZYME PLUS is taken as functional food. It has no chemical additives and preservatives.

Ingeneral, all enzymes found in fruits and plants are beneficial. Theyare substances necessary to keep us alive, fight diseases, and maintaingood health. Depletion of enzyme supply in the body can cause diseases.However, enzymes are delicate and easily destroyed by processing andcooking or heating. When we get sick, or as we grow older, enzymesupply is drained due to exhaustion of body cells. So, to REINVIGORATETHE BODY, RECOVER EASILY FROM DISEASES AND MAINTAIN AN ACTIVE ANDHEALTHY LIFE, the need for replenishment can be easily supplied by BIOENZYME Plus.


Asmentioned, BIO ENZYME Plus, is considered as a PURE NATURAL healthsupplement and NOT A DRUG or TRADITIONAL SYNTHETIC MEDICINE. It is,essentially, a FRUIT JUICE that has a common compound and has thepotential to manifest various beneficial applications for human health.This is the main reason why a large number of those who have taken andare continuously taking BIO ENZYME Plus already been cured of theirrespective illnesses.


Anumber of members from the medical community have already known BIOENZYME Plus for quite some time now but NONE of them have any working knowledge of the kind of sustenance and nourishment it provides to thehuman body. Japan, the country with the most scientific data on hand,is the only country in the world that produces it in large quantities.Within a decade, over 10 MILLION JAPANESE are regular users of enzymesupplement on a daily basis, prescribed by physicians and in clinicaltrails involving thousands of individuals. There has been no indicationof any form of toxicity and has proven to be TOTALLY SAFE.


BIOENZYME Plus is a product of Japanese Micro-Biotechnology and by aFilipino Herbalist with years of intensive laboratory research andstudy. This product is approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)in the Philippines.

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