Basic Dyes Series

No. TEN7307826
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Basic Dyes Series

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  • 2011-04-05
  • 2011-07-04
  • Florida United States
  • Basic Dye
  • 1000 Kilogram
  • FOB
  • Miami
  • Negotiable
  • L/C, T/T
  • 30000 Kilogram Per Month
  • 2 to 3 weeks
  • 25 Kg carton box; 900 kg / pallet; 11,250 kg/ 20' container


Main Products:

  •  Mr. Vila
  •  1-305-235-3950
  •  1-305-278-8266
  •  13395 SW 131 Street ,Florida

Brief Description

Cationic Modified Basic Dyes

For Acrylic Fiber

Product Attributes

Related attributes of Basic Dyes Series:
  • Place of Origin:Florida United States
  • Type:Basic Dye
  • Brand Name:NOVACRYL
  • Purity:Standard

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to Basic Dyes Series:


Product Name

C.I. No.

Novact Basic Auramine O

Basic Yellow 2

Novacryl Fluo. Yellow 4GL

Basic Yellow 11

Novacryl Yellow X-8GL 300%

Basic Yellow 13

Novacryl Yellow X-2RL 200%

Basic Yellow 19

Novacryl Yellow 7GLL

Basic Yellow 21

Novacryl Lght Yellow 7GL 500%

Basic Yellow 24

Novacryl Yellow X-3RL

Basic Yellow 25

Novacryl Golden Yellow X-GL 400%

Basic Yellow 28

Novacryl Yellow X-GRL

Basic Yellow 29

Novacryl Yellow 10GFF 400%

Basic Yellow 40

Novact Basic Yellow X-RL

Basic Yellow 49

Novacryl Yellow X-5GL

Basic Yellow 51

Novact Basic Chrysoidine Y

Basic Orange 2

Novacryl Orange G 400%

Basic Orange 21

Novact Basic Orange R

Basic Orange 22

Novact Basic Orange 3R

Basic Orange 33

Novact Basic Red 6GDN

Basic Red 1

Novact Basic Red T

Basic Red 2

Novact Basic Fucshine

Basic Red 9

Novacryl Red FF

Basic Red 12

Novacryl Red X-FG

Basic Red 13

Novacryl Brilliant Red 5GN 410%

Basic Red 14

Novacryl Red X-GTL 200%

Basic Red 18

Novacryl Red X-GTLN

Basic Red 18:1

Novacryl Red F3BL

Basic Red 22

Novacryl Red BGH

Basic Red 27

Novacryl Red 2GL

Basic Red 29

Novacryl Red X-GRL 400%

Basic Red 46

Novact Basic Violet 2B

Basic Violet 1

Novact Basic Violet 5BN

Basic Violet 3

Novacryl Violet X-FG

Basic Violet 7

Novact Rhodamine B 500%

Basic Violet 10

Novact Magenta Crystals

Basic Violet 14

Novacryl Red 3R 300%

Basic Violet 16

Novacryl Red 5BLH

Basic Violet 63

Novacryl Turquoise Blue GB 300%

Basic Blue 3

Novact Basic Blue B

Basic Blue 4

Novact Basic Blue BO

Basic Blue 7

Novact Basic Blue BB

Basic Blue 9

Novact Basic Blue R

Basic Blue 11

Novacryl Blue X-GRL 500%

Basic Blue 41

Novacryl Blue X-GRRL

Basic Blue 41:1

Novacryl Blue 3BL

Basic Blue 53

Novacryl Brill. Blue RL 500%

Basic Blue 54

Novacryl Blue 5BLH 200%

Basic Blue 62

Novacryl Blue X-BL

Basic Blue 159

Novacryl Blue FRL

Basic Blue 162

Novact Malachite Green SC

Basic Green 4

Novact Basic Brown G

Basic Brown 1

Novacryl Black SW

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black ON

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black OX 300%

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black WN

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black 2GH

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black X-2RL

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black X-RL

Basic Black (M)

Novacryl Black MBL

Basic Black (M)

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